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"Our association is planning to build an orphanage for orphans and abandoned children in Vietnam, in Ho Chi Minh area Cần Giuộc District, Long An province. This project has been approved by the French Foreign Affair Ministry. Today, (09/08/2013), we already have secured a land of 2.091M2 provided by Long An Province, some sponsors already answered positively through donations promises or direct donations, but we still have not been able to gather the full amount needed to trigger this project realization. The project is part of momentum in the fields of education and learning to allow the insertion of these children into society, the objectives cover the following areas :




This is an ethic project which is more than a shelter to help children.  It's built to be a real family. So far we have helped similar small centres, but faced with the difficulty of obtaining, from those in charge, more strictness in administration, management and implementation of basic hygiene in their homes, we wish to have our own shelter.

If you know any potential donors or sponsors, please help us contact them and share this information as widely as possible with all your contacts, friends and social networks. The complete file of the project will be sent to you upon request.


Sponsor a child

Sponsoring is a deep impregnated in France’s culture. Many among us have the memory of a godfather, a godmother. Sponsoring, the subject of this charter is a form of solidarity established to weave emotional and social links like a family. According to the needs of the child and his community, he or she profits of health care receives a more balanced diet and has the opportunity to go to school. It is based on the values of exchange, reciprocity, mutual enrichment and on trust, it is based on a voluntary commitment.


The sponsor parent has to respect conditions for a good functioning of the sponsoring, he/she commits him or herself to:

  • Respect the highest discretion with regard to third parties concerning the child’s private life and especially familial and social elements of his or her life

  • Maintain, as a foster parent, in a sustainable way, relations with the child in the form of correspondence, exchange of pictures or shared time during encounters

  • Assure for the child, during the fostering, a stable and secure setting on the effective and material level favouring the development of his personality

  • Respect the religious and cultural believes practised by the child

  • Honourably declare to never having been condemned for breach of integrity nor morality, not having been forbidden to teach or to perform a professional or voluntary activity involving regular contact with minors

The sponsoring is set in an individualized project adapted to the child’s needs and defined with all persons concerned. Before creating the relation, the association assesses the interest of setting up the sponsoring by meeting the child as well as local people in charge of concerned social services. She informs the candidates about sponsoring in general and action or service of the association has an interview with the candidate meant to evaluate his ability to sponsor.
After that, we will send the child’s file with his or her picture, his or her age, his or her health state, his or her familial situation, his or her favourite games, An exceptional relation between you will be born. You can exchange letters, pictures and drawings, and get to know a child in a completely different culture. Step by step, links will be woven between you and if you wish, you can visit him or her in his country.
In principle, the sponsoring ends when the education of the child finishes. It can also end after consultation of the association, upon the request of the child, the foster parent or the centre where the child lives. We have also drawn up a charter with some rules and principles.
Thanks to mails a durable relationship may be established between a sponsor and his sponsored; relationship which may set the sponsorship more concrete for the sponsored child as for the sponsor and may lead at term, friendly links which will overcome the single financial frame."


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