Size Guide

Rather you are a petite or a pulpy woman, rather you are little or tall you are beautiful exactly the way you are and our bikinis are made for every shape and every self-confidence level. We want every woman to be proud of their body, to be proud of showing it, of taking care of it and of shining with it on the beach.


Most of Ethnik Swim bikinis are made to be adjustable. Of course, everybody is different and every company have different sizes. And for this reason, Ethnik Swim has created a size guide to help you during your visit on our website.


We want you to be 100% sure and we want you to be absolutely gorgeous in our bikinis :) 


  • Measure your centimetres just under your breast. And please report it on the first line.  

  • Select the right section and take the number above : 80cm, 85cm, 90cm, 95cm or 100cm.


  • Measure your centimetres at the point your breast is the largest. 

  • Report le number in the right column you selected before.

  • Select the right section in the column and you will have your cup size.


  • Associate these two numbers to have your bra size (one number and one letter)



Pease now report your bra size in the right column and check the matching International Size. 

Here you are Babe, you've got your EthniK Swim bikini size. 



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